The Four Pillars Of Oral Health

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We now know that chronic, low grade inflammation anywhere in your body causes damaging problems throughout the body, and increases the risk for a wide variety of diseases.

Unfortunately there is one place where chronic inflammation is very common. That place is your mouth! Studies show that inflammation is present in the mouths of most adults. 

The really amazing thing is that we’ve been trying to stop bleeding gums and gum disease for decades! Major corporations spend millions of dollars trying to get you to buy their products, all on the premise of stopping bleeding gums. After decades of trying, this is what we have:


  • 75% of the population with bleeding gums.
  • Gum disease as one of the most common diseases in the entire world.
  • Gum disease as the leading cause of adults losing their teeth and needing dentures or other replacements.
  • Gum disease increasing the risk for all the diseases that kill us.


The question that must be asked is, after forty years of trying, why do 75% of adults still have bleeding gums?

I believe the answer lies in the fact that all this while, all the focus has been on just dealing with the gum tissues. But the reality is that there are other factors that also determine or influence how much inflammation you have in your mouth. And these other factors have been largely ignored by both dentists and patients.

The reality is that there are four factors that need to be accounted for in the battle against inflammation. I call these the four pillars of oral health, and they are:

  • The gums
  • The bite
  • The body
  • The teeth

All of these pillars are interrelated, and each one affects the other three. To be effective in solving the inflammation problem, and in fact all other dental problems as well, all four of these factors must be handled.

In my book and videos I go into great deals about each of the pillars and how they are affecting your overall health right now. If you would like the complete story, check them out.