Don’t be normal when it comes to your dental health…

Am I Normal Concept

The normal person in the world today is caught in a vicious cycle In which their dental health spirals downhill for their entire lifetime. Along with that comes a lifetime of fixing teeth, getting shots, pain, uncomfortable procedures, huge dental expenses, and losing teeth.

And the sorry sad truth is that it just doesn't have to be that way. You don’t need to get decay or gum disease. You don’t need to have your teeth crack, chip, break, or wear away. And you don't need to lose teeth. It’s all preventable.

The key to stopping the cycle of destruction is to get to a state of optimal dental health as soon as possible. Of course you don't know what that means... because no one has ever told you.

90% of all dental treatment world wide is what we call "single tooth dentistry." By that I mean the dentist fixes the one or two worst teeth without a comprehensive plan.

Here's how it goes. The hygienist does a cleaning and tells you to brush and floss better. The dentist comes in for an exam and says, "You've got a few issues here, but let's just fix these two bad teeth for now." And that my friend is where it all starts going bad.  BUT...

The insurance company is happy because they get to pay for the minimum treatment.  The dentist is happy because he doesn't  have to face the discomfort of telling you what you really need... AND you are happy because you think everything is basically OK, it's not going to cost you much, and you don't have to go through uncomfortable dental procedures.

Yes, everybody is happy. But everybody shouldn't be happy. Because here is what is really going on if you are the typical 40 year old and up patient that I see everyday.

  • Most likely you have significant bleeding during your cleaning which means you have inflammation in your mouth that is damaging your entire body. Telling you to brush and floss better, and see you in six months isn't going to stop that inflammation. Your destiny is to spend the rest of your life getting your teeth cleaned every 6 months, all the while with active gum disease that is slowly ruining your mouth and your health.
  • Most likely you have bite problems that have caused tooth wear and cracks in many of your back teeth.
  • Most likely you have silver fillings that were placed many years ago and are now leaking, have decay under them, and are expanding and contracting with temperature changes which causes your teeth to crack.

All of these problems will get worse. Decay gets deeper, old fillings get leakier, cracks get deeper, teeth continue to wear down, gum disease gets worse, and guess what my friend... You are on the vicious downward cycle of dental destruction, and you don't even know it!

Here is your future: teeth chipping, cracking and breaking, tooth wear, bone loss around your teeth, pain, root canals, crowns, extractions. It's very predictable.

You want off the dental destruction each spiral?  Then don't be normal. Fixing the two worst teeth every year or so isn't going to cut it. You've got to get yourself to a state of optimal dental health which will:

  1. Solve all of your current dental problems.
  2. Prevent all the future problems that are heading your way.
  3. Insure that you get to keep your teeth for your entire lifetime.
  4. Minimize your need for future pain, expense, and time in the dental chair.
  5. Minimize your risk for major diseases that are related to oral inflammation like heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, preterm birth, and Alzheimer's.

When you have optimal dental health, your future dental treatment is expected to be a cleaning and exam once or twice a year. No fillings, no gum disease treatment, no root canals, no toothaches, no extractions, no dentures.

The reason I wrote my book, HOW TO STOP YOUR MOUTH FROM KILLING YOU is to help you understand exactly what optimal dental health is and how to get there.  I hope you will take advantage of it.

Health is a choice my friend... choose wisely.